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Namaste everyone, I'm Dawa Jangbu Sherpa. Currently pursuing my Business degree at the University of Potomac, USA. I am passionate about community development, cultural heritage, arts and traveling, storytelling. I consider myself as aspiring renaissance man a dreamer and story teller who gets stuff done an advocate for human potential.

Growing up amidst the Himalayas, traveling has always been integral part of my life. The towering peaks and landscapes instilled me with the sense of adventure and curiosity from a very young age. 

After the completion of my high school in Nepal, I embarked on a journey of self exploration and broaden my horizons. This journey led me to diverse experiences shaping me into a person I am today. For two enriching years, I had the privilege to  work at a hospital at the elevation of 3,800 Meter as a office assistant where I witnessed the resilience of human spirit and power of a compassion firsthand. The experience deepened my understanding for the importance of service and positive contribution towards the society. Afterwards, my passion for the adventure led me to the mountaineering, I have had the privilege to scaling the breathtaking peaks of the Himalayas. This experience teach me the valuable lessons of team work and embracing the unknown challenges. I always wanted to share my experiences, culture and Journey from my perspectives to the world.   

As I continue my journey, I will always  remain committed for embracing new challenges and seeking new opportunities and trying to make a meaningful impact wherever I go.  Join me as I navigate through the bustling street of the city to the silence of the Himalayas with open heart and spirit of exploration.


Alexa Young, CA

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